Memory Say goodbye to the Past

July 2018

Call of silence

Don't you think of me enough
I've been burning my heart out
Got to face need to salute
我一定要面对 我要告诉你
I will run 'cause I'm already saved
我不会逃避 因为我本就寡言

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Call of nobody

You will know you're reborn tonight
你将明白 今晚你会重生的
Must be alright but I stay by your side
你会变得支离破碎 但我会在你身边
Even if my body breaks to the bones
I don't want to go through that ever again
So cry no more oh my beloved
所以 不要再哭了 我最爱的你啊
Go ahead be proud and finally live
向前走 勇敢点 去找寻真相
You are the one a rising star
你就是那个 冉冉升起的星
You've got a spark to hold
你指引我们 找到回家的路
You're a god

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